Cabin, February 2017

Panorama of the Cabin.


This was another gentlemen's winter trip to the Cabin. This trip lasted from 23 February to 26 February, 2017. Criminally, not only was the trip not documented, the only pictures are a panorama of the Cabin. Though the panorama is nice, it tells nothing of the story.

Brief Recollections

Despite it not being so distant in the past, there are few recollections. Photos help greatly in stimulating the memory. I do know that I drove up all night, arriving around 4 am in Seney. After "resting" a little at the rest area, I headed to the trail head (thanks to Mike from the hardware store we have a place to park). At first light (probably around 7 or 7:30) I got on the trail for the 8 mile ski into the Cabin. This had been my first attempt at doing so. Based on it I want to do it every time (and have again). I was able to get into the Cabin, get it opened up and warmed up before the rest of the guys arrived on snowmobiles with the gear. I am pretty sure Ed ran in, as he often does. Otherwise, there is not much I can remember of the trip, confusing things that could have happened with events that did happen on other trips.