Cabin, Thanksgiving 2008

NOTE: for some reason this story was never finished. I am linking it in to at least have the information of the trip available, even without proper documentation.

Based on an idea from Jon we decided this year to spend Thanksgiving at the Cabin. Trips to the Cabin are known for the large quantities of great food (and wine) thus Thanksgiving is a natural holiday to spend there.

26 November 2008: Arrival

Bill and Carl Swanson left early on Wednesday to open up the Cabin for the rest of us. I left Cleveland around 1pm to meet Jon north of Lansing. Fortunately MI has these nice carpool lots so I could park, meet Jon, and ride the rest of the way with him! Jon, Zuzu, Finnegan, and I arrived at the Cabin around 11pm. Bill and Carl had the Cabin opened up, warm, and shots of Krupnik ready.

The drive up wasn't too bad. Traffic was a little heavier than usual but not as bad as I had feared. Roads were dry the whole way up. We took the "Nawakwa" way in. There was about a foot of snow on the ground. The roads in were plowed but still slippery so we had to drive slowly. McCloud Grade wasn't in as good shape but still easily passable.

27 November 2008

Jon, Carl Swanson, and Bill eating breakfast. Finnegan playing with a piece of bark. The new outhouse! Jon, Bill, Carl, and Abby checking out the sights around outside the Cabin. All the newly delivered wood stacked for drying/storage. All the newly delivered wood stacked for drying/storage. Bill, Jon, and Carl looked at an old, dead tree that needs to be cut down.

We got a reasonably early Thursday. The main task for the day was to prepare the dinner. We began the day by checking out the sights around the Cabin. This includes the new outhouse. Yes, it was finally built by Jon and Bill during the Labor Day trip. It was nice to be able to use the outhouse without having to worry about falling in!

About 5 cords of wood had been delivered, dumped, and was buried under the snow. We stacked the wood under cover, filling much of the area. We started with almost no wood and ended with a very full woodpile that should last us for many years.

Carl cutting up celery for stuffing. Jon in the kitchen. Fire I built ready to be lit. Fire starting to burn. Jon putting "vent holes" in the old outhouse. Bill, Carl, and Jon having Scotch slushies and wine by the fire. Jon, Carl, and Zuzu by the fire. Bill with Abby, Finnegan, and Dog. Bill with Finnegan and Dog. Coals from the fire with the squash ready to be cooked. Squash buried in the coals.
The bar.
Jon with the deep fryer.
Jon putting the turkey in the deep fryer.
The turkey cooking in the deep fryer.
Table set ready for dinner.
Jon removing the cooked turkey from the deep fryer with bill providing light.
Old outhouse with coals from the fire just put in.
Flames spewing forth from the old outhouse.
The old outhouse starting to burn.
The Cabin by the light of the burning outhouse.
The old outhouse consumed in flames.
The old outhouse with the door fallen in.
The old outhouse engulfed in flames.
Bill with Scozi while Dog and Finnegan play.
Thanksgiving dinner table with food.Amelia is pouring wine while Carl and Rose look on.
Bill, Vittoria, Rose, Carl, Amelia, and Jon at the dinner table.
Me, Bill, Vittoria, Rose, Carl, and Amelia at the dinner table.
Bill with Scozi, Abby, and Finnegan after dinner.
Vittoria cutting pie for dessert.
Finnegan and Dog playing on the couch.
Zuzu, Amelia, Abby, Jon, and Carl .
Bill with some of the dogs outside.
Dog, Finnegan, and Scozi playing in the snow.
Carl and Jon watching the dogs outside.
Finnegan playing in the snow.
The Cabin.
Jon sleeping awkwardly with Finnegan and Abby.
Bill sleeping with Scozi and Dog as a pillow.
Carl making pop corn.
Zuzu buried in a sleeping bag on the couch.
Rose and Bill in the kitchen.
Jon doing dishes, again.
Carl, Vittoria, and Bill cooking in the kitchen.
Rose cooking.
Jon preparing dinner.
Carl with Zuzu and Dog by the woodstove.
One of the pot pies being put together.
More cooking!
Vittoria rolling out a crust for one of the pot pies.
Vittoria with a crust for a pot pie.
Jon, Rose, and Vittoria in the kitchen.
Jon and Rose in the kitchen.
Bill stuffing his pot pie.
Amelia preparing appetizers.
Rose, Amelia, Carl, and Vittoria with cheese and wine before dinner.
Rose, Amelia, and Carl with cheese and wine before diner.
Vittoria and Bill with Abby and Dog on the couch and Scozi standing nearby.
Carl with Finnegan and Zuzu.
Rose, Carl, Jon, Amelia, and Vittoria with the three pot pies made for dinner.
Rose, Carl, Amelia, Bill, and Vittoria at dinner.
The dinner table.
Rose, Carl, Amelia, Bill, and Vittoria eating dinner.
The remains of the pot pies.
Vittoria sleeping with Dog after dinner.
Rose with the poker chips we used for "penny poker".
Finnegan and Zuzu Sleeping on the couch.
Jon and Amelia having dinner (more pot pie!)
Amelia and me at dinner.
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